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Life's Not All Bad

Other than the mortgage fiasco, life's not too bad.  The girls and I are back into a school year schedule.  There has only been one tardy so far.  Nadya and Katrina both have great teachers and are enjoying school.  I'm organizing the Scholastic Book Club orders for both classrooms and it's more of a project than I'd imagined.  But fun.  And a little expensive as in past years I could forget to put my order in in time, and this time I just *know* we're going to find books every month that we just *have* to have.  For example, Nadya's needing more advanced Spanish books.  Katrina can work her way through the basic readers we already have, but she'll want a few books of her very own, too.

My back's getting better again.  I'm adding a tiny bit of exercise in, which will help strengthen it so this minor flare-up stays minor.  Rowena and I have started going to the little park ("Tot Lot" according to the sign :) about 3 short blocks from our house.  She rides her bike there, so I have to scurry a little to keep up with her.  Then she plays in the sand, with the other kids, and on the climbing structure while I sit at the picnic table and crochet. 

I've finished the baby blanket for the school fund-raiser, and I have started an afghan to be made in strips of double-crochet filet.  The yarn is a wildly variegated set of autumnal colors, which makes me think very much of a certain friend.  I don't know whether he'll end up with this blanket or not, though he greatly admired the baby blanket. 

Sunday I had an afternoon off.  I went over to another friend's house and we spent the afternoon being adults rather than parents.  So nice to talk at that level!  Lunch out, an hour spent in an electric massaging recliner, shopping, chatting, just relaxing!



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