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LambTown Lite

I've decided not to drive over to LambTown today.  The idea of a 2 hour drive (each way) just isn't appealing, especially since I know that I really shouldn't spend money or acquire more fleeces right now.  So instead, I'm going to do fibery things at home.

A long time ago (months?), I washed up the mohair and hair sheep fleece that I was given by the lady who boards my sheep.  I weighed them before washing, and just never got around to weighing them after that - until today.  The figures are:  Mohair: 2 lbs 1/8 oz unwashed, 1 lb 9.5 oz washed;  Barbados: 12 7/8 oz unwashed, 7.25 oz washed.

I have finally started washing some of the wool I sheared in July.  I've got some random weight of Lightning's fleece in sweater bags soaking in 5 gallon buckets of hot soapy water in the bathtub.  It's just about time to drain that water and do a second wash.  When I first put the fleece in, the water immediately turned brown, so I know I have to do at least a second wash and possibly a third.  I think I'll go grab a third bucket to put the fleece in while I'm running water so I don't accidentally felt it...

Another thing on my LambTown Lite agenda is to try to organize my office/craft room so I can actually find things.  Also, perhaps if I know what's in my stash, I'll use them.  I know I have a lot of fleeces in different colors and from different types of sheep.  And other animals.  I want to play with them, and that'll be so much easier if I get organized.  And maybe set up an area where I can safely leave a project out without it getting trashed by two dogs, three cats and a toddler (the older two kids being *reasonably* afraid to mess with Mom's projects).



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