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I'm doing reasonably well for the most part, but some days everything just catches up to me.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the day that escrow closes, but as far as I know it's in limbo if not actually cancelled.  The people wanting to buy the ranch have been waiting since they put in their original offer in January.  We keep going around in circles with the three banks: (1) our first mortgage holder Bank#1, a fully owned subsidiary of Bank#2, but definitely not on speaking terms! (2) Bank#2 who holds our second mortgage and (3) the buyers' Bank#3.  If the banks could just get out of the way and let us complete this transaction, it'd be done already!

I think the foreclosure auction is scheduled for next week if the sale that hte banks are doing their best to scuttle doesn't actually go through.  I suppose we could get a real estate lawyer to get that delayed, but at this point, I'm just so very ready to have it all done with, which means I'm not being very sensible on this subject.  Any of you want to buy a lovely ranch (2.8 acres, 3-BR house + studio and outbuildings)?

I've got a ranch-related mystery.  I got email from the guy who's been doing yard maintenance for us.  He'd gone over there Saturday to see when he might need to mow again, and found the pool empty and the pool filter running.  He threw the breakers and emailed me.  I called and talked to the guy who's been taking care of the pool for us.  He'd gone over there as usual last week and found the pool "dry as a bone", in other words drained, probably by being pumped out.  Who did it and why remains a mystery.

Another mystery is why the IRS is upset that my 6 year old didn't file taxes for 2006.  I'm curiously awaiting the papers I'm told by my MIL are going to be sent to me by the broker who handles Nadya's education IRA (and who refuses to discuss the IRS papers with said MIL).  As far as I am aware, that account (started by her grandparents [said MIL] before her first birthday) and the $6 or so from the Tooth Fairy were her total financial empire that year.  Though she and a friend *were* talking about starting a business "blowing bubbles and popping them for money", I don't think that got off the ground.

The roof's leaking.  Third year in a row.  If we can just get through the whole ranch fiasco, maybe we can actually afford to get the roof here replaced.  The people who shingled the roof were idiots.  It's been patched at least three times since we've been here, all in the same section, though not the same place.  With the low slope, it really should have been roll roofing or something like that rather than shingles.  And if they were going to do shingles, they could at least have done them well.  The surprising thing here isn't that the roof's leaking again, it's that it hasn't leaked more. 

I'm glad I cleaned out the gutters and did all the yard cleanup this weekend.  Nothing's plugged (so far) and drainage is good.  With all the wind blowing the leaves out of the trees, it'll likely need repeated, but shouldn't be as big a project the second time.



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