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Garden Update

So very hot....  I am having trouble keeping the weeds watered enough.  They're drying out as badly as the marigolds are.  Pretty much all of the pumpkin plants are toast.  A few still have some green leaves, but none of them look at all happy.

The section of the front garden that gets afternoon shade from the plum tree is doing better as it doesn't dry out quite so severely.  The tiny little corn plants are sending up tassels.  I don't truly expect that they'll produce before winter, but I wouldn''t mind being wrong. 

Tina's one little corn plant from preschool (in another part of the yard) has at least one baby corn swelling its stalk.  She's terribly excited.

The green beans are producing nicely.  I like the "Lazy Housewife" beans' flavor.  And the girls just gobble them up as fast as the plants can produce (which isn't very heavy).  They're big fans of raw green beans where I *really* like them cooked.

I don't think I'll get enough tomatoes ripe at the same time for making spaghetti sauce, so I tossed the half-dozen from last week into a pan with a bottle of commercial sauce, and it was pretty nice.

I turned the compost bin again today.  It's very nicely cooked.  I really need to sift out the big/newer stuff and use this lovely compost.  I think that will greatly improve the health and welfare of all the plants in our yard.  I think the soil isn't very rich, and since I haven't enriched it much, that's a large part of why nothing's really taking off.  This fall, I need to dig up all of the beds (possibly excepting where there are rose bushes - just add compost around them) and totally mix in lots of compost, then plant all new stuff.  I suppose I should be excited about getting to (more or less) totally redo a garden, but it just makes me depressed.

We picked the first fruit off our lemon tree out front.  We think it's a pommello instead.  (Came with the house).  There are other huge fruits on the tree, but also normal lemon-sized ones.  So perhaps it's a fruit-cocktail tree.

Super Mom!

Today I took all three kids to the Exploratorium all by my lonesome.  I went in with three kids.  I came out with three kids.  They might even be the same three...  We had a lovely, if messy and wet, time.  I navigated the streets of San Francisco without batting an eye.  Then we kidnapped a friend for dinner and hung out with him for a while until it was time to rescue Bela from the airport.

A Lightbulb Goes On

Tina likes that Chip (our big dog) can't eat corn.  He's got a food allergy *just like her*.  She's not the only one in the house that always hears, "oh, you can't have that - it has X in it..."  He's a comrade in arms, so to speak.
More mortgage-foreclosure-short-sale fun today.  I have such a headache and I'd like nothing better than to have this whole mess over and done with.  I don't even care how it turns out.  I just want to be able to spend my time on more important stuff like raising the kids!  I have had two full years to mourn the loss of the farm and I would really prefer not having my wounds ripped open and tap-danced upon every few days.  Then maybe I could get on with my life.
I dropped the girls off at Bela's office on my way to the orthopedist's office (close by) so I actually got a 1.5 hour vacation.  That made the whole office visit much more enjoyable for everyone (possible exception of Bela, who looked a little frazzled when I retrieved the kids.)

First there were the standard forms to fill out describing the injury.  Then the nurse debriefed me.  Then I got to chat with the Physician's Assistant who showed me the bone chip on the x-rays.  It's just above the joint, and I'd have bet (from the way the wound has felt) that it was just below.  I took off my splint and she examined both hands from every angle and had me do various flexes.  I couldn't bend the broken finger more than half-way to making a fist at first, but after about 10 minutes, it seemed to be warming up and I could get it 3/4 of the way into position.  

Then she went to get the doctor.  They both came back and the doctor started by checking for tender spots.  From where she found them, she thinks a tendon was also involved, as well as the bone chip.  That's very common.  Often the bone chips are caused by a tendon ripping it loose.  She had me do some more flexing, and I nearly managed to bend the finger fully when I made a fist.  Since it loosened up so quickly after being removed from the splint, there's no need for physical therapy (hooray!).  And I can get rid of the rigid splint (hooray!) as she wants me to be able to keep flexing my ring finger, though with the support of being taped ("buddy splinted") to the pointer (hooray!) for the next two or three weeks as I think it needs the support.

I'm pleased to report that I also managed to crack up both the doctor and the physician's assistant (twice).  I always try to spread a little cheer.  I imagine a lot of their patients aren't feeling very well and might tend to be grumpy.

Three Sheets to the Wind

There are good reasons I don't change the girls' beds as often as I should:
Nadya's top bunk is difficult to get into and maneuver around in; also contains 6-8 ponies and misc junque.
Tina's bottom bunk has low clearance and a difficult side rail; also contains 12 lovies and misc stuff.
Rowena's toddler bed is always buried in her 38 lovies and the "tent" built over the top from a blanket.
Tomorrow I see the orthopedic hand specialist about my broken finger.  I'm hoping it'll be a matter of "Yeah, it's healing fine and you should be able to take the splint off in a week".  I'm dreading "What kind of an idiot doesn't notice she has a broken bone for *five weeks*?!?!" ++  It'll probably be somewhere in the middle.  This is nearly 7 weeks since the break now.  Can I be done with this and have my finger back?

++ In my defense, I thought a broken bone would hurt more, and more constantly.  And it seemed to be getting better until the 5th week when it first got discolored and started swelling.
Today during my "free time", I shovelled out the van.  It's been bad for a while.  Here, for your amusement, is a list of what I removed:

(List of Stuff)Collapse )

Now there will be enough room in the van (I hope!) to pack everything for a weekend at a friends' house *and* Take Flight for Kids (spinning wheels are rather bulky, as are kids and sleeping bags).

Aug. 1st, 2009

Typing is going to be hard for a while.  A month ago I hurt my left ring finger trying to catch one of my dogs that one of my kids let out the front door.  He escaped and came home about 15 minutes later.  I wound up with a sore finger - very sore.  It seemed to be getting better after the first few days.  I taped it to my middle finger for support at times.  This past week, though, it's started hurting more, developed a red section and began a small but noticible swelling. 

I finally had it x-rayed yesterday and it's my first official** broken bone ever.  The doctor issued me a crappy spint that actually made the finger worse.  It prevented front-to-back movement, when what hurts is side-to-side.  And aparently during the month it was broken, I got very good at "ducking" my finger when it was likely to get bumped to the side.  Couldn't do it in that spint.  I found I was constantly and painfully catching it on everything.

Last night I whittled a popsicle stick into two sides for the spint and that made a *big* difference.  And today I got an even better splint fo $5 at a local pharmacy.  This one has metal top and bottom of my finger and foam wraps around the sides to velcro closed.  Much more convenient than taping the pieces on, especially when I need to have my hands in the water so often.

So, I did all the canning, all the spinning and all the shearing with a broken finger.  I think I deserve an extra gold star for that! 

Tomorrow I will try to discover how the splint affects my spinning.  I'm supposed to do Take Flight for Kids in just a week!
I need to dye some roving and find all my colorful scrap yarn.  I bought a big box of "craft sticks" (do you think there are people in a factory somewhere eating popsicles all day...?) with the idea that the kids could make god's eyes as well as learning about spinning.  I think I remember how to make them.

**  This is my first official broken bone, but might not be my first broken bone.  There was one incident in high school.  During PE, Nels (built like a bear) landed on the top of my foot during a basketball game.  I always thought it broke a bone or two.  Never did anything about it and it seemed to heal.

I never knew why my Mom always called him "Little Nels".  I assumed it was because his father was also name Nels.  Then I met "Big Nels".  Nearly 7 ft tall and 3 ft across.  Oooooookay.

Maillot Jaune

My reward for completing the Tour de Fleece (other than all the lovely yarn and experience):

I haven't done any spinning today.  I sent a long overdue chatty letter to some Russian friends.  I got the girls to and from art class on time.  The older two have art class afternoons for the next two weeks and we're rather out of practice with getting somewhere on a shedule.  Better to practice now than when school starts (29 days and counting).  Mostly I took it easy today.  There's so much that needs done that I hardly know where to start prioritizing.

This weekend I learned about a great yarn store only 5 miles from my house.  I looked them up online today, and they're closed on Tuesdays, so I don't get to visit them until at least Wednesday.  I'm hoping to get some acid dyes for making rainbow wool for Take Flight for Kids.

For now, it's off to bed.



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